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I’m headed to the north NORTH!

Photo from Krystal Wright

Last Friday, we had a very exciting day! SITE ANNOUNCEMENTS! The time had finally come to find out where we would be living in Namibia for our two years of service! They of course made us wait until the end of the day. It was a lose-lose situation. We couldn’t concentrate, as we were too enthusiastic and nervous at the idea of finally knowing where we would be spending the majority of our time in Namibia. However, if they had told us any earlier in the day, we would have been far too engrossed in our site packets to pay attention to anything else that happened.

After lunch, we were given blindfolds and told to go outside. There was a large map of Namibia outside made of up odds and ends. Papers were scattered around with the names of the villages, towns and even cities that Group 44 would be headed to in just a few short weeks. We put on our blindfolds and the anticipation grew even more. Crowded together, we listened for our names being called out by our trainers and fellow volunteers. When our name was called, you were handed an envelope and led to your place on the map.

Funny thing… my name was never called, along with two other girls. So while everyone else stood on the map, excitement buzzing through them like electricity, the three of us were huddled together wondering what was happening. They finally found our packets and we were led to the places on the map, ready to know where we were going.

DRUM ROLL…. I’m moving on up, to the north that is. (But that isn’t any new information.) I’ll be living in village with a population of 10,000 in Ohangwena region. I’m about 30km away from the Angola border. I share a site with a health volunteer and the closest volunteer from my group is only 10km away. I live about 3km from the tar road right in front of the school in a teacher’s flat, where I have my own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I will be working at combined school (pre-primary to grade 10), teaching math and science in the upper secondary grades.

I’m very excited about my placement and getting started working in my community. Dreams are about to become a reality!

Photo from Krystal Wright


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