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Another Year on Earth

May was a month spent on holiday (which means it was time to celebrate.) My family had gotten here in the end of April and we spent the first half of the month gallivanting around Namibia to see all of its beauty and take in the spectacles. Our itinerary included: Soussvlei, Swakopmund/Walvis Bay, Cape Cross, Khorixas, Kamanjab, Etosha, Ovamboland (Ondangwa, Oshikango, and Ongwediva), Otjiwarango and Windhoek. It was a whirlwind trip with a lot of driving in our tented, double cab, manual bakkie (truck).

We climbed a dune for sunrise at Soussvlei and walked through the red sand to the white pan of Deadvlei to view the ancient trees.

We visited the shipwreck Zeila above Swakopmund and looked at all the birds that have made it their home.

We saw so many animals in Etosha. Elephants, rhinos, zebra, springbok, gemsbok, giraffes, a hyena, a leopard and a lion. While it was my fourth time visiting a national park or game reserve to view wildlife, it was my family's first. It was still just as amazing to see them in awe of these magnificent animals.

Plus much, much more (and by that I mean lots of driving...). I am so glad that my family was able to visit me for holiday and see this beautiful country that I get call home. I can't wait to explore more of it while I am here. May was a month of travel, fun, and new experiences.

The rest of the month I spent with friends also on holiday that I don't get to see often due to long traveling distances. By the end of them month I was back to school and ready to start term 2 of teaching.


Favorite Day: May 1st

This was by far my favorite day of the month because I finally got to visit Dead Vlei!! This is a place I have wanted to visit since before I found out I was coming to Namibia. We woke up early to watch the sunrise over the dunes and then hiked through sand to get to Dead Vlei which is a beautiful and mysterious place.

Three things I learned this month:

1. I learned to drive manual! (And remembered how much I miss driving!)

2. This country is very contrasting and beautiful, just as it says in the anthem.

3. ALWAYS buy insurance on rental cars.

Something new:

I turned 26 on the 22nd of May. I spent the day in my settlement as I was staying with housemate waiting for a ride back to my house in a couple days. We made orange chicken a couple days before in celebration because we couldn't actually wait until my birthday (and ate leftovers for two days). 26 doesn't feel much different than 25, or even 24. I've come to realize over the years, changes come slowly. There is not a major change that you feel from one day to the next. I don't feel 26. I feel like my usual self, but I've been around the sun one more time ( an can no longer be on my parent's health insurance.)

Enjoy life and live in wander,




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