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Celebrating America Abroad

July went by quickly filled with master tests, lots of marking, garden club meetings, and all things school related. Garden club has gotten their plot dug, beds made and added the extras (charcoal and manure). The group of 17 learners is a lively bunch to say the least. It is always a struggle to keep them focused on the task at hand, especially with the hot sun beating upon us while we work. I’ve learned music is a good distraction from the heat, but it normally just results in dance breakouts.

Fourth of July is one of my f a v o r i t e holidays… right after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas. Although this wasn't my first time missing the celebrating in my backyard with family/friends and Pop's delicious BBQ, I’d be lying if I said I wasn't a little homesick. I was missing/reminiscing about free watermelon at the La Verne Parade and going to see fireworks from the tee ball field. So instead of wallowing in my sorrows, I celebrated the 4th on 3 different occasions! The first time was the weekend before with friends and Namibian colleagues. We made kabobs, BBQ chicken, cheeseburgers, green salad, pasta salad and corn on the cob. For dessert we had s'mores and pop rocks (thanks to Mama and Pop Henry for bringing the fixings over). People were so afraid to try the Pop Rocks when I said: "they explode in your mouth!" Obviously not the right way to phrase it... I learned my lesson. Second Fourth of July was on the actual day when my neighbors and foster family helped to collect materials to make a fire in front of my house to make s'mores. Finally the following weekend I got together with a bunch of other volunteers to celebrate with a big braai/potluck and catch up on life. So much America celebratin’ and I’m not even in America.

Marking is one of my LEAST favorite things to do. Missing a few days of marking leaves you with a big pile to catch up on. Check out these piles of papers I had on my desk throughout the month.

This month we also had a couple school activities that took place. We started the month with out Annual Soccer and Netball Tournament. Our boys’ teams took 1st and 3rd place, while the girls’ teams took 2nd and 3rd. It was great seeing the community come together to support the kids and all the kids cheering on their peers. I especially love this picture I caught of my foster sister Elisia watching the netball tournament in awe.

We ended the month with our Pre-primary competition, organized by one of my favorite people, Mee Letisia. Many of the pre-primary (5-6 years old) classes came to our school to compete in poems, drama, and mathematics. They were all so cute and nervous. The cultural troupe from our school also performed, which I LOVE.

With Media Committee I was able to visit an amazing health volunteer (who I also consider a friend) and capture her daily routine. I am currently editing the project and will report back once it is up. I also got to hang with a super cute pup while on her homestead.


Mee Letisia with her first s'more.

Favorite Day: July 1st

This was my first 4th of July celebration with fellow PCVs and my collegaues. I enjoyed getting to share our American tradition with my Namibian friends. I think their favorite part was the s’mores. (It was mine too!) Check Letisia with hers!

Three things I learned this month:

1. ALWAYS stay ahead on your marking.

2. I like tuna… and I hadn’t eaten it in over ten years before coming here.

3. You can never have one s’more... cause once you have one you always want s'more, right? ;)

Something new:

I loved seeing the creativity coming out of my learners this month. I was super impressed by them coming to class with their fancy creations. One learner came with cardboard and string shoes he made. Another two showed up with spiffy paper neckties. My neighbor Penny made a house out of cardboard held together by plastic bags for Home Ecology. The amount of imagination they have is WONDERFUL!

This month I am thankful for…

1. The friends and family I have made here in Namibia.

2. Frozen chicken breasts, cheap broccoli, and sales on food.

3. A boyfriend that makes me cheesecake.

Continue to live in wander,


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