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Goal: Try New Things

When I first got to my site, I thought about the goals that I wanted to accomplish during my time of service. What goals had Peace Corps set for me? What goals did I want to set for myself? I made a list (and checked it twice) and then wrote my main ones on index cards. I posted them on my wardrobe so I could look at them everyday as a reminder (as I chose an outfit from my very limited selection of clothing).

One of those goals was to try new things... anything! I wanted to broaden my abilities, perspective, and maybe find something new I enjoyed. So here is something NEW that I am trying out. It's "3 Seconds a Day," a video compilation of short 3-second clips from each day of the month put together to give you a short view into what I have been doing here (and a reminder to myself for if I ever lose my memory). I have seen other volunteers do this before, I wanted to do more videos, and I thought this was perfect. It's short and kinda sweet. Let me know what you think and if I should continue with this!


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