Interested in sending something to me? Want to be pen pals? Well, I’d love to hear from you… letters, post cards, any and all are welcome! Even the smallest handwritten note can brighten up a day and help one to feel a connection from home. (I'll send letters and post cards back!) My snail mail address is:

Clarice Henry

PO Box 282

Ongha, Namibia



If you are feeling extra loving, you can send care packages to this address as well. (I’ve heard that packages are more likely to make it to me than a letter. Don’t ask me why…)


Some ideas of things that would be greatly appreciated if sent my way:

  • Small incentives for learners! School supplies are not always the best quality here, so kids love getting a new pencil or pen. Stickers, marbles and other small trinkets are also good for gifting to students that do well in classes. Lollipops, Jolly Ranchers, and other non-melting candy could also be useful in rewarding (read bribing) good behavior.

  • FOOD! Y’all know I love food… I even studied it in college. I can get a lot of foods here, but there are just some things that remind me of home, that cannot be found. (Pro Tip: Put foods inside of Ziplock Bags or Tupperware, to keep rodents and insects from getting to it, before the package gets to me. Also to keep them out once it makes it to me.)

    • Salty Snacks: Cheez-its, turkey jerky, summer sausage

    • Baking Mixes: Ghiradelli’s Brownie mix, Cranberry-orange muffins, etc.

    • Dried Fruit: Apricots, Trader Joe’s mango, Craisins

    • Candy: Red Vines, M&Ms, Skittles, and gum

    • Drink Mixes: Crystal Light, Lemonade, apple cider, and hot chocolate

    • Cheese: Kraft or Velveeta Mac & Cheese Boxes or those small cheeses from Christmas time that don’t have to be refrigerated. (I love cheese. But it’s kinda expensive.)

    • Sauces and Seasonings: Chik-fil-A sauce (‘nough said), taco seasoning, and pastas sauce mixes

  • Things for my wall! I want my flat to be colorful, inspiring and awesome! I’m working on starting a wall of quotes and pictures. Send me artwork, inspirational quotes, pictures, letters, and even announcements/invitations for big life events that are happening to add to it. (Even though I won’t be able to be there for your big events, know that I’ll surely be celebrating with you in spirit!)

  • New media! Keep me up to date so I don’t look like I’m stuck in 2016 when I get back to America. Load up a USB with new music, movies, and books. Keep me hip! (People still say hip, right?)

  • Art supplies! Coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, and markers for the learners to use. I brought a lot of my own art supplies with me, but a new sketch or watercolor pad and some black sharpies wouldn’t hurt every once in a while! And yarn!

  • Fun games! I brought a few games with me (a deck of cards, UNO, Tenzi, and Bananagrams). If you find any fun and interesting new games, send them my way! I can use them when I have guests.

  • Toiletries! Good deodorant is not something you can find here, so sending a Dove stick would be greatly appreciated. Also Blistex chapstick because nothing else compares in my opinion. And lastly… Emergen-C. Gotta keep my immune system up.

  • Things to remind me of home! Anything from a table book of America to share with new host country friends, to interesting newspaper clippings, to clothes. If you think it’ll remind me of home, I’ll probably love it!


Some TIPS on sending packages:

  • International shipping is very expensive…  for light items, padded envelopes are the best option. However, if the items are heavier, flat rate boxes are the best option. You are paying for volume, rather than weight, so stuff them and take advantage of any Tetris skills you have attained over the years!

  • You’ll have to fill out a label with my name, address, and list detailed descriptions of enclosed items. Fill this in, but if the box has a lot of items, it’s OK to not list ALL of them.

  • Try to list things of lesser value. Items that are “new” or higher in value will require a customs fee to be paid before receiving the package and could risk the package getting stolen. Take things out of original packaging, and/or list them as used.

  • Double bag anything powdery, like baking mixes, drink mixes, etc.

  • Tape well! It deters people from opening boxes and makes sure the box stays intact.

  • Religious verses and bible quotes have been said to help people from getting sticky fingers.

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