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I’m Clarice and welcome to my blog! My hope is for this website to capture interesting snippets of my life, lessons learned and my journey of exploring the world. I have always had a wandering heart and loved the idea of visiting new places.

The first time I went abroad was to Antigua, a tiny island in the Caribbean, where my father was born and grew up. I remember being so excited to see this new place, eat mangos right off the tree, and meet my family there. Since then I have traveled to a few more continents and eaten a lot more mangos.

Whenever I visit a new country, I have three things I like to do while I am there. One… try a new food dish. I studied Food Science and Technology with a minor in Culinology in college (I think it’s safe to say I LOVE FOOD). Getting to try a new dish, and maybe learn to make it, is one of my favorite things. Two… learn a new word in the local language. There are a few words and phrases that you should learn in the local language before heading out on a journey, like “hello,” “thank you,” “goodbye” and my personal favorite “where is the bathroom?” I like to learn another word that holds some type of importance to me on that trip. Lastly, three… share a smile with a new friend. I’m lucky today to be able to say that I have friends in many places.

Peace Corps has been my dream since my freshman year of high school. I applied in 2013, during my last year of college. I didn’t want the “normal” 8 - 5 job, cooped up behind a desk or in a lab. I wanted to see the world, help others, and learn more about myself. I got an invitation to serve as an education volunteer in Sierra Leone almost a year later and left in June 2014 to begin my training. In the beginning of August, I was evacuated due to the Ebola crisis occurring in West Africa, just two weeks short of swearing in as a volunteer. In hopes that the program would reopen and I could return to Sierra Leone, I stayed home and did an AmeriCorps program for 10 months.

I’m happy to say that I have finally returned to Peace Corps. I’m currently living in Namibia as a volunteer, serving as a math and science teacher for grades 8-10, until October 2018. So far, I’m loving all of it… the people, the food, and this beautiful country!

I look forward to sharing my experiences, thoughts, and journey with all of you!

Live in wander,


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